Half Day in Singapore

First time I landed my feet in Singapore.
I can land here because I got transit at Changi airport for few hours from Bangkok before I take off to Jakarta.

Half Day in Singapore
Half Day in Singapore
At the time, I just have $50 for strolling this city. I really use my chance to get a new experience rather than just sitting at the airport wait my next flight.

At Changi airport the immigration process is tighter rather than Jakarta and Bangkok. The immigration officer did their job really detail and discipline. I really appreciate it. One day our country will implement it soon.

After this process, I went to MRT station. I bought Singapore tourist pass card (one day pass) for $20 if I am not false. $20 is divided into $10 for deposit and $10 for the service. So, when I have done with the card, I can get my $10 if I return the card to the counter.

I looked at around, I was looking for MRT maps which is many at this place.
I check out my route, which one that I could take. The route at the maps is easy to understand. I guarantee you will not misguided.

I plan to visit Rafles Place which is the place is not far from the famous Merlion Park as iconic place for many tourists taking photo.

On my way, the rain was falls.

I decided to stop by below the bridge. At the time, I realized that the situation below the bridge is really different if I compare below the bride in Jakarta. In Singapore, there is restaurant and cafe below the bridge. 

The smell at this place is not rotten/low. And in Jakarta, still many homeless builds their temporary house.

After the rain stop, I continue my walk to statue of merlion. According to the name, we knew that the statue is lion statue.

Personally, it is not my typical place but let me take photo first as a prove that I have visited this country.

thing to do in singapore lol
thing to do in singapore
Next time, I really want to visit Singapore for many days and many places. Amin.

From my sight, Singapore is the best country in southeast asia. I can see it from public facilities, discipline traffic at the city and many high-rise buildings as a office for foreign company. 

If I convert the scale of Singapore, this country is not more than average city in Indonesia.

In my opinion, Singapore become developed country because the scale is small. so, the government easier to regulate the country, especially the citizen. This country sells the service at the first place rather than goods like the others countries in southeast asia.

the city
the city

In Indonesia is like confrontation. Our country has so many islands, many different cultures in every languages that our citizen has. So, I could say ‘great and an honor for every leaders who has lead our unique country’.

Thank you.

*sorry, for my bad English. I'm still learning by doing. Comment below your thought, share if this is a good post.

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