Special Circle

I have secret that perhaps there is no anyone knows about it. You know that, every single humankind in this world have a dream. Because of that, they do some efforts to reach their dream. Same as me, I do the same things. Like now, silently I made my special circle making me stay on the line for reaching my dreams.

special circle
special circle. (source: stocksnap.io)

I made my environment to be a part by part. It does not mean that I see my friends in the different way but, sometimes I just realize that I have already made my special circle. 

I did this because I feel comfort when I got someone have same thought with me. When I lost my desire and spirit, these people made them come back again to me. So, that’s why I really need these people. 

I am happy when I just made a friend who has same thought as me. It is mean that I just add a member in my special circle.

Honestly, I refused the people that very annoying to me. Evidently, I do not feel comfortable when I met kind of these people. I shall do many ways to avoid kind of these people because I just do not want to make a new problem in my life. Just for solving my own problem, sometimes I got depression even less make a relation with people bringing their problems.

Perhaps, today I am still bad guy who does not want to know about people’s problem. Yet, the next day I always try to make myself to be more care about another people. 

I knew that if our lives are not only for ourselves because the best mankind is who can gives as much benefits to others.
Sorry to say for this truth.

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