Shocking Istanbul

Shocking Istanbul
Shocking Istanbul

Since my last traveling to abroad in Japan, I intended myself to go more far than before. I have some options the country that I wanna really to go in the  next occasion. I thought about Australia, India and the others European country. Therefore, I don’t wanna think it too much. It’s just my planning not any more.

In this occasion, god is really kind and nice to me.

Suddenly, my phone appears a notification from my friend that he told me and he offered me about joining to a conference’s team. For sure, I accepted the offering and I met the team at a random restaurant in kaliurang street. I met two girls, same university as me. We discuss too much things in there from noon until afternoon.

Day by day, we worked in this plan and finally the day we went to Istanbul was coming. We got the route from Yogyakarta-Kuala Lumpur-Dubai-Istanbul and come back at the same.

I arrived first in Istanbul than my friends are going to arrive later in the next day because we bought different tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul. Of course, it’s not a problem for me.

First time, I arrived at Attaturk airport, I was just looking for something randomly, I was walking like freak person and, when I wanted to enter the immigration, there is police’s airport came to me. He asked me to follow him go to the office because he distrusted me. 

I spent my time at the office perhaps about 30 min. 

2 polices asked me many questions about my travelling/journey to their country. I must open the only one bag that I brought at the time. 

I must answered the all question about many things in my smartphone like chat, photo, the number’s phone of people, or even the logo of my clothing brand in my phone. The last, they asked me to open my wallet because they wanna know about how much money that I brought to their country. 

Honestly, I’m really scared in that situation. I wanna call/text my friend but they took my phone. I just scared if I have to touch with the law in this country. I felt like a baby that wanna cry because he needed a milk. 

Finally, the polices gave me permission to go out from their office and they said: “oh, you and your friends are the kind person”. 
They even didn’t say sorry or something else. For once again, it’s not a problem.

My day in Istanbul is really nice. Too easy to find the food, the mosque and too easy and really enjoy for me to access the tourist place because I got my hostel in Sultanahmet that it’s really near from hagia sofya and blue mosque as beautiful place and the place must visit in this coutry. 

Although, this country especially this city is really nice for almost many people, but it didn't apply to me, I got something that it’s not good experience. 

The story began when I walked alone in the night in front of blue mosque. It’s about 10 pm, I think. It’s kind of my daily routine, always came back to hostel in the night. A man asked me to helped him to took his photo with blue mosque as a background. 

I looked at his hand holding iPhone 6 and he gave his phone to me to took the photo. When I did it, he asked me once more to took the photo because the last photo it’s too dark. For me, the dark in the photo it’s natural because the time was night. I accepted his asking. 

At the last time, he gave the same reason and he began to invite to moved from this place to the other place that the place is more bright than the last. But, I didn't accept his asking and suddenly he was angry to me. I still remembered that he said: “hey man, you are a man, you have to be a gentle as a man”. I just went away from him because my intuition said something not good in that situation. 

I arrived at the hostel, I met all the strangers at my room. I rent the room with many beds. There were Japanese, Chinese, Turkish and me in the room. 

A Chinese man may be was the most person that really eased making chit-chat with others. 

He told to everyone in the room about the place that he visited in that day. In my turn, I didn't tell much but, I told about the last incident. 

The Turkish woman confirmed that you would be beaten and taken away your money. There was visitor in this hostel have been already a victim. I’m very grateful because I’m still saved by God. 

Fyi, I was strolling around the city accompany by PPI Istanbul. They are extremely kind people. Almost every day, we hang out together. According to this situation, we felt safe when we’re strolling in. 

Unlucky me, I got incident again when we’re in the train. 
There were 3 women came in and I didn't know why all of them took a standing up really close to me. 

There was a woman trying to make eye contact and there was the impression of teasing. I felt awkward in that situation and I turned my eyes in the other direction. 

Yet, I felt something that my bag felt like pressed by someone. I took away my bag and I looked at, it has already opened. My money almost gone, taken away by thief. The women were thiefs. 

Since the incident, I began to be careful.

The story above was just a few incidents that happens to me as unlucky person at the time. Overall, Istanbul is beautiful city and its atmosphere will make you momentarily hold your breath. In this city, very much history is formed. Holy Istanbul!

*sorry for my bad english I’m still learning by doing. Comment below your thought

 Several photos from this trip, go jump to my instagram for more.

blue mosque
Blue Mosque

hagia sophia
Hagia Sophia

I take selfie
he he he

inside hagia sophia

men enjoying chit-chat

Shocking Istanbul

Shocking Istanbul
my daily routine, walk alone in this street

breathtaking view from the top of my hostel
breathtaking view from the top of my hostel

the closest istasyonu
the closest istasyonu

view the city from the top
view the city from the top

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