Kampoeng Inggris - Pare

In my last holiday (10 february - 10 march), I took a course in kampoeng inggris, Pare, Kediri, East Java. That’s my first experience visited this popular place. 

Actually, I’ve planned to visit it since I was in senior high school. I knew this place because since in the past I’ve had interesting to able to speak English well.

Kampoeng Inggris - Pare
Kampoeng Inggris - Pare. (source: kampung-inggris.com)

I went to this place from Yogyakarta by mini bus that people usually called it as ‘jasa travel’. I paid 145K for the service and get once dinner. I went from Yogyakarta at 6.30 PM and arrived in Pare at 5 AM. 

It’s very long time because I’m second passenger and the driver have to pick up the others passengers till the capacity of the car full. Perhaps, we exactly go out from Yogyakarta about 10 PM.

In Kampoeng Inggris, Pare, I took course at Global English and Stayed in SaigonCamp House. The cost is 875K for paying the course and + 50K for staying in good camp. 

For boy/man this camp is very recommended for you guys. The program in this camp is very organized and the sense of kinship is so strong. This camp is perfect for the people who want to discipline.

The program in the camp:

  • Every morning we must wake up at 4.30 – 5 AM.
  • There is morning program in the camp until 6 – 6.30 AM. The program depends on your ability. There will be several of groups and one mentor in each of group.
  • If you didn’t attend the program, you’ll get the score and get the punishment at the end of the week. The kind of punishment is delivering speech in girl/woman’s camp and you must pay amount of money.
  • Every Friday night, the member will recite Al Quran or ‘Sholawat-an’. Non-muslim is given free time for them to go to the church or perform ritual/worship in their room.
  • Every Wednesday night, the member will have meeting with the other camp, especially woman camp.
  • Every Friday morning, the member will do some sport activities. Depends on the member. Usually, we did jogging.

All of the programs on above only for the camp. The program in course is different. It depends on what program did you take.

It’s easy to get the food and drink if you stay in here. In Saigon camp, available ‘waroeng’ or small restaurant. You can pay directly after you ate or pay at the end of the month but you must take note on the book. The cost is around 5K – 12K. Almost ‘the waroeng’ in here gave cheap price.

The averages of people take a long time for staying in Pare. So that’s why we absolutely need pleasure place in our spare time. In weekend, you can visit ‘car free day’ event in ‘alun-alun’. There are a lot of snacks in there. Yet, the option is up to you. 

Some people visit it just for buying some snacks and the others focus do sport activities or even several of them just visit this place just to know the atmosphere. The other option, you can take a long trip to bromo mountain, center town of kediri, kelud mountain, or just strolling around whatever you want.

Okay, that’s all my though that I able to write and remember about my experience in Pare. I hope this can help you. 

*sorry, for my bad English. I’m still learning by doing. Comment below your thought, share if this is a good post.

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4 Responses to "Kampoeng Inggris - Pare"

  1. berapa ya kalau mau belajar bahasa inggris kesana?

    1. tergantung paketnya mas. saya dulu sekitar 875 ribu sebulan disana.

  2. Good experience fi,
    I'm also interested about that place, and after read this blog I've more interested,
    Hopefully,someday I'll go there

    1. amin memang sgt mendukung tempatnya kalo mau belajar bhs inggris (Y)


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