Alternative Trip Jogja – Linggau

The last come back to my home town as a college student this year. My friend (ojik) and I got lucky because we just got a cheap flight for coming back. In this update, I am going to tell you, how we can arrive to our home town just spend the money about Rp. 500000 from Jogja – Linggau. 

Alternative Trip Jogja – Linggau
Alternative Trip Jogja – Linggau

Lempuyangan railway station Jogja – Purwosari railway station Solo – Rp. 8000.,
We have to go to Solo because our cheap flight is from Solo to Palembang. We went to solo about at 4 PM and arrived about at 5 PM by train called Parameks Ekspress.

Purwosari railway station Solo – Adi Sumarmo airport Solo – Rp. 15000.,
We just need use our Go-Jek App to go to the airport and arrived about at 6 PM. You must go out from railway station and then walk away in order to Go-Jek driver wanted to accept your request. As we knew, Go-Jek is prohibited from taking passenggers in around the area. 

Adi Sumarmo airport Solo – Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport Palembang – Rp. 455000.,
We were waiting for almost 3 hours at the airport. We can have a dinner, take a rest and sholat. Our plane took off about at 9 PM and arrive almost at 11 PM. *cmiiw

We arrived in Palembang almost midnight and we were just lucky because there are two friends wanted to pick us up at the airport. They took us strolling around and enjoy tasting pempek, bandrek and fried noodles. We just starving at that moment. That night, we stayed at home of my friend and are going to Lubuklinggau in tomorrow morning. We have already booked train ticket in advance.

My friend’s house Palembang – Kertapati Railway station Palembang – Rp. 21000.,
From my friend’s house to the station is quite far away. For 2nd time, we just need use our Go-Jek App. We requested Go-Car service because we are now three people. Ojik, itang and I. actually, if you divided Rp. 21000., / 3 people = we spent money only Rp. 7000., / 1 person.

Kertapati railway station Palembang – Lubuklinggau railway station Lubuklinggau – Rp. 35000.,
It’s long trip. Our train started to leave Palembang at 9 AM and we arrived in Lubuklinggau about 5 PM. We were doing fasting Ramadhan at the time. Nothing have to do. Now, we were 4 people. We met our friend, Rapik at the station before we departed. You can kill the time by watching film, talking to strangers, or just sleeping.

The total money we spent is only Rp. 520.000.,
In my opinion, it’s very valuable in terms of time and money. If you choose to take a bus, the price is about Rp. 400.000., - 600.000., for 2 days and 3 nights travel time.
Another option, you can buy direct flight with transit in Jakarta, the price is about Rp. 1.200.000., for 6 – 9 hours travel time. It’s depend on you.

*sorry, for my bad English. I’m still learning by doing. Comment below your thought, share if this is a good post.

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