Beat Hoax/Fake News

As you can see right now, majority of people easily share the news that actually they don’t know if it was the fake or the truth one. 

I even don’t want to open my timeline on Facebook because so many of them don’t take responsibility by sharing some news. Fake/hoax news even will bigger then more danger if the moment closes with election period.

Beat Hoax/Fake News
Beat Hoax/Fake News. (source:
The media or personal person on the internet did this thing just because the advertising money. They want to increase traffic of visitor so they will get more from it. 

The other reason, they just want to influence society through the news or make sure the society believe of post that have been fabricated. 

More ironic, our society tend to believe what they want to or what they feel should be correct based on personal beliefs, rather than concrete evidence and fact, even when contradictory facts are presented. 

That is phenomenon in this digital era when people ease and convenience for accessing information that can raise and bring up news that is hoax/fake, inaccurate, skewed, biased, or completely fabricated.

So, what we can do for beating the fake/hoax news as person?

The key of beating hoax/fake news is don’t ease to share something.
For me, there is no media that we can believe it for 100%. You can enjoy all media that you usually read/watch/listen to. 

There is no limitation for you. Yet, once more and you have to realize that you are not the only one on the internet. If you play on social media so you have to realize that your friends on it will get the effect from your sharing. 

We never know, what will really happen when you share something. We never know, what people thinking of something that you shared. Perhaps, kid will get it, society will get it, your circle will get it. Let’s think one more time when you share it. 

Make ourselves being responsible. You still can enjoy your things but don’t share bad effect for the people who don’t know about it. Let’s just our mind absorb something and learn from it. Don’t take it into public if you don’t really convince about it.

So, the first point that I want to share to you is we have to check the news that is fake or truth one. If that is fake, don’t share it. If you don’t know, don’t share it.

After you did the first point, you cannot still share it yet. Sharing the news is not only about the truth but also about worth sharing news. 

As I know, early stage of created of internet is people will get benefit. I think if we share the trash is not healthy and not in line with the original purpose.

The second point is we must know that is worth sharing or not. If that is unworthy news, don’t share it. 

After you did the second point, now you knew what you will share next. Make sure that the news are truth and worth then all of you can share it. Let’s make our social circle to be smarter.
Beat Hoax/Fake News
Beat Hoax/Fake News

 *sorry, for my bad English. I’m still learning by doing. Comment below your thought, share if this is a good post.

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  1. We don't have to hear or read the same things over and over again. We know that murders happen and the economy is bad and they are things that we should know about, but what about everything else?mysteries


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