Build Your Own T-shirt Line

Build T-shirt line is easy. Manage it is hard. My first advice to the people out there, if you just had a thought for making your own T-shirt line. 

I have experience in making T-shirt line and I decided to share the whole process to make it to be real for you who need knowledge in this matter. You can check it below, step by step when I built it.

Build Your Own T-shirt Line
Build Your Own T-shirt Line

Good intention
Something happen because of intention and I hope you, having good intention when you play in this game. I don’t think so need to describe this step further. 

Know your style & apply it
It is nothing when you don’t have idea for building your own T-shirt line. Actually, you must have passion in this field before you decide to spend your mom’s money your money, your time, your thought in order to not regret.

Design your business principal
Absolutely, you want have a successful T-shirt line. Business principal can make you avoid from the loss. a little bit principal idea that I can give is "the money you spent, the money you must get it back when you stuck".

Find the name
If you want to build T-shirt line, you must have your own T-shirt line name. the name is everything and make sure that the name is a representation of your own T-shirt style. 

You can take some inspirations from your environment, your friends, nature, or even something stupid that you really convince that can gives you a luck.

Design your logo
Logo is important as same as important the name. as I know, you are going to put it on your design, hang tag, sticker, packaging, label, on your website, on your social media, and even do stupid vandalism on public which is I believe you don’t need to do it as a smart person.

Design everything
Now, you got cool logo. Then, you need to design everything. Based on my experience, you need to design your t-shirt, hang tag, sticker, packaging and label. Sometimes it will take long process to get those done. Enjoy it.

Find your manufacturers
All design that you have done, it is just on your paper or in your computer. Now, you need to make the design to be real. So, you can market it as soon as possible to all your consumer. 

Just find and know the information you need. You can scroll on the internet, ask your friend, ask the people who has experience, and even strolling around the industry area. 

As I know, you will need several manufacturers and it is different based on what your design product is. Example, for making t-shirt, you can go to t-shirt manufacturer, for making hang tag, sticker, and packaging, you have to find printing manufacturer, and for making label, you need to go such a special manufacturer almost like tailor. idk how to describe it.

Market your product
I know, you make your own T-shirt line to earn money.  Human kind absolutely needs it. The two ways that I know for marketing your product is online and offline. Offline – you will meet costumers by face to face or direct selling then there is transaction. 

Moreover, you can make cooperation/collaboration with colleague until a favorable agreement on both sides. I’ve deal with it, it’s very effective and enough easy for marketing and earning money. 

Online – in this era, social media is a thing that almost everyone in earth has already used it. You have to take advantage of it. 

Make an Instagram and website (the two platform is effective for marketing in my perspective), or the other social media and don’t forget to put on your contact, so the people ease to buy your product or perhaps make cooperation/collaboration or even something bigger than your expectation. 

Sell – expand – pray – consistent
now, you already have all things. Just sell it. Expand it because you don’t need take a profit yet. Expand it because you want a bigger one. 

Pray for it, always believe in what you believe. Consistent, so you can reach your expectation although sometimes it is hard. 

I will edit this post if I have more idea.

*sorry, for my bad English. I’m still learning by doing. Comment below your thought, share if this is a good post.

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