Thankful Kid & Great Father

It was night about 11 PM, I was going to sleep in my room with totally dark because it is hard to sleep for me with the lamp on. yet, the point is not about it. that night, my feeling was so melancholic. 

I just remembered and realized how fortune I am, how have to be thankful I am, and how was intense my relationship with my family especially my father, about how big actually my father has given an affection to me so far (I just felt more than used to be).

Thankful Kid & Great Father
Thankful Kid & Great Father. (source:
I recognized that in the past I have bad relationship with him. I failed to make him proud when I was a teenager. May be, I have bad behavior when I was in senior high school. 

Sometimes, I did not behave politely in front of him. He was angry so much to me when it was happened. I remembered that I have done a resistance to him. Poor me God. It was still to be my dark memories.

As time goes by, I try to make better relationship. I text, I call him not only when I need but also when I have to share my day. 

I recognized that they (my parents, my family) have the right to know how my life runs. Quite but sure, I enjoy this thing scheduled. It is not 7 days, I have to do it but, I just did it for 2-4 times in a week. 

I always have something to share. Just asking how my young brother school runs, how was my mom activity in hospital, or how was life my other brother.
So far, it was run perfect as I wish. we have very nice relationship.

He called me regularly. As you know, now, I am in my final semester and I have final task or mini thesis that I must finished. 

The other time, I was applying for a job. It was so intense but I have a lot of time to do many things because I did not have class in university anymore.

As usually people done in these cases, sometimes I have some problems that I really need someone to help me out from those.
My father, he came as the right person.
I have asked his helped so much. When I was in test for a job, he told me everything in detail. 

There are 5 steps test on that job. It needs quite hard work. As a student, I just studied and learned for the test but I have problems about the mentality. 

I can not look for it anywhere but I found it through him. He gave me so much. He has helped me by put his stories, the experiences, and the best advice. 

It was like he can gives me everything as I need for make my future better. I have called hundred times just for asking advice. 

I made myself feeling shame in front of him because I did not realize that when I called him, perhaps he was in his office. At that time, I convinced that I was selfish. I just made my life runs in good way with out thinking how was his life.

That night, unknowingly, my tears was fallen down. It did not happen because I am maudlin. 

It happened naturally from my deep hearth as I have to be very thankful person in this world because I have the best version of him. 

He could guide me till finally I got my job even before I graduated and it was the first shoot at benefit national company. 

Every time I told him when I passed the test, I felt him, I heard him, he just felt normal. I did not know at the time if this test, this company was not hard may be for him. But, then I knew it when my mom called me that your father was cried yesterday because of me. 

I knew him, I knew him as the strongest in my family, it was so rare for him if his tears were fallen down, I hope and I believed that it was tears with pride as he had me in his life. 

I knew the reasons behind that. He does not want to make me special because it can be bad for my mentality. 

My mom did not feel anything actually because she did not know what actually the company have been applied by me till I told her.

I do not know if this important or not for you reader of this blog but, I recognized this stage was important to me as better stage of my life.

All the story happened above is still happen till now. I regularly keep it up as I convinced it can make my life better and exactly happier because I have very good relationship with my father. 

I will, I promised, and going to make this stage better. Insya Allah.

*sorry, for my bad English. I’m still learning by doing. Comment below your thought, share if this is a good post.

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