What You Give, You Get

This story based on my experience when I was struggling for getting a job. This story is a part of it and I had plan to write complete story about it later. This experience happened when I was in second step of the test (EPT test).

For many days, I was waiting, I worried and had nothing to do because I had finished my revision from my professor (the advisor of my final work).

What You Give, You Get
What You Give, You Get
Every single day in the morning and afternoon, I always checked my email and the website and just hope there is announcement of the test. 

Yet, there is no announcement till the revision made my day must be focus to them. So, the next day and later, I didn’t check my email and the website anymore.

Day by day run out and somehow, at the random night, I felt something that I have to checked my email more detail. I didn’t know why my brain told me to did that.

When I checked my email, I used to open the primary section one but I didn’t check the social and the promotions. Yet, at the night, I clicked the promotions section and just scrolled down and…. I got shock when I found the announcement of the test.

The result of the test made me shock, thankful, and happy. I am very thankful and happy because I just deserved it but I was shocked because the test will be held tomorrow at 10 AM in Semarang and now I was till in Yogyakarta at 7 PM. 

So, I started to look for the transportation that can took me to Semarang at the night. 

I found so many ‘travel’ (a private mode transportation with more flexible time, usually Bus or personal car) on the internet. I made a list before I called them one by one. 

I also contacted my native friend from Semarang and asked him which one is recommended. Around 8 PM, I got travel and will departed at 10 PM.

I also managed to book a hotel which is the nearest form the location where the test held.
the stressful thing that made me more stressful is… I didn’t learn enough for the test yet. For me, it was not my kind of principle. 

So, when I was on the way, I downloaded many podcast and searched on the web about what EPT test. I listened to the podcast much and tried to think what I should do tomorrow for preparing the test. that night, on the bus, I just got short sleep.

Short story, finally, I landed in Semarang about 1 AM. I looked for Go-Jek. The hotel actually very close from where I arrived, perhaps, only 5-10 minutes walking to reach it but I decided to use Go-jek because it was a little bit scary for me walk lonely at the night in the road that I haven’t been there.

After waiting about 5 minutes, Go-jek driver came over me. The driver was friendly.

He rode slowly and told me that actually my destination is very close. I replied like I didn’t know about it. he asked me another questions like where I come from and what to do in Semarang.

Before I arrived, I asked him for stopping at indomaret. I bought snacks for breakfast and of course, coffee as my new habit in every morning. 

I also bought snacks for him as appreciation because he is friendly and I gave it when I arrived at the hotel.

I remembered that the night was very intense. I tried to sleep, then I got a call from my mother that at 1.30 AM. She told me that my father’s sister just passed away. 

It was completely my day to be more intense because I knew and realized, my father now was being sad. Perhaps, I slept at 2 AM it that morning.

I succeed woke up at 4 AM due to alarm which I made many. I began to learn everything material about EPT. Opened youtube, article, a book that I brought.

At 9 AM, I was ready to leave the hotel and walk by foot to the location of the test.
From across the street, I saw LIA building, not many motorcycles were parked and not many people in there. I across the street, then I opened the door and I asked the officer about the test.

she told me that the location of the test had already changed and the new location is about 10 KM away. 

She told me that I was not late yet, I still had a time and I told her to announce the committee of the test that might be I am being late. 

I booked Go-Jek again and the time keeps running.

Now, I began to feel stress. When I got the driver, it was about 9.20 AM. I asked the driver to ride fast. The driver is young man, I convince, he has ages same as me. 

On the long road, I began to feel surrender like I knew my effort will be nothing. I pray a lot on the back seat. The traffic at time was quite stuck.

Then, the driver reached my destination before I was being late. I gave him extra fees on the Go-Jek Application as an appreciation for his hard work.

Now, I opened another door of LIA building and met the officer. I talked to her that I wanted to board out my bag because it will be nerd if I brought my clothes bag into the room test. 

I looked at everyone that has already waited. I tried to talk to someone. 

I asked one of them, did he know before if the location of test was changed by the committee? He told me that he knew and got the information yesterday via short message. 

From his story, I knew that I had written a wrong number phone when filled the form at previous test and now my body more wet than the others because sweat.

the test has done around 12.30 PM. I called ‘travel’ again. I booked it for departing at 3 PM to Yogyakarta. So, I still had a time to lunch because I was very starving. 

Last night, I didn’t eat anything. I booked Go-Jek again for reaching the waiting place for a ‘travel’.

I met friendly driver again. He asked me some questions. I told him that I was going to wait the ‘travel’ till 3 PM but he told me that actually I didn’t need to wait anymore because he will bring me to the closest terminal so, I could go to Jogja by bus. 

The driver ushered me for free without extra fees for the extended destination. I really thanked to him.

So, I paused my story in here.

The points are…
When I only bought some snacks for the friendly driver at night,
God rewarded me with the best driver who can drive me without being late.
When I only gave extra fees to the best driver for his good work,
God replied me with the kindest driver who take me to the extended destination without additional fees.

Now, I believed ‘what I give, I get’
Life is like boomerang,
It has nothing to do with luck,
You get what you give, so give good.

*sorry, for my bad English. I'm still learning by doing. Comment below your thought, share if this is a good post.

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