Passion Trap

I heard much about passion. People was talking about it.

Many social media influencers spread the sentence about passion and netizen who following their idol will believe and begin to follow the path.

Passion Trap
Passion trap. (sumber:
Culture about following passion has defined as untraditional path.
The people who work in government, company, or the others formal job has defined as traditional path.

'follow your passion' they said.

As human who live in ‘JamanNow’ will reject the traditional path. They truly believe, if the job must linier with their passion. They begin follow their passion.

After long time, they begin to realize if their believed is not 100% work.
They try to look for some jobs who defined as tradtional path. They seek job. They named themselves as job seeker.

They struggle to find the job but it was too late.

For me, passion is something that I can do in my spare time and I can define as my the other side job. I believe that I must have formal job as defined day by day job.
I can do photography on the weekend. I can do writing when I want to write, still in my spare time. Or even, I can do my passion in design editing when some my friend ask me to make poster and video editing.

My formal job as civil engineer is really important for reaching my passion in photography, writing, and design editing. From formal job, I got the money and then throwing out that money to the ‘passion’. I hope you got my point.

I choose this paradigm because I do not love the uncertainty of the culture of who following passion as a job.

I knew if there is some who success following the passion but we can choose our path.
Me, I have choosen my path.
If I want to make my other side job to be good income, I can try to make a better work of my passion. it was safer. I think, it is easier than getting money 100% from ‘job passion’.

*sorry, for my bad English. I'm still learning by doing. Comment below your thought, share if this is a good post.

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