Slaves of Game

When we heard a word of human, we can imagine that human is the best creature of the Allah SWT/God.

Game is something for making us fun who created by human.
In fact, the creature by human (game) who has made the human to be slave.

Slaves of Game
Slaves of Game. (sumber:
I stare around, I listening to around.
I looked at, I listened to a group of people who play the game. They were talking a lot of harsh words.

They expressed the pleasure with dirty word. ex: f*ck, k****l, a**i*g, *ang*t, b*d*h, gob***, and many more the other harsh or dirty word.

At the first, I assumed this people as ‘brave person’ because really easy for them to say harsh/dirty word. Yet, it changed until I challenge one of them to fight but he’s afraid like baby crying.

I knew also if some of them in fact, they have not good sleep. They play the game from night until morning, they sleep in the in the morning till the noon. They wake up in very unhealthy condition of health and even lack mentality.

When normal human in the morning did a productive work, they were still sleeping.
I do not see many good effects of this activity.

Do not try to be stupid gamer.

*sorry, for my bad English. I'm still learning by doing. Comment below your thought, share if this is a good post.

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3 Responses to "Slaves of Game"

  1. masalah ini kadang sepele namun sering banget gak di sadri, kalaupun ada beberapa ulama yang bahkan mengharamkan catur atau musik itu haram karena melalaikan, bukan tidak mungkin kajian turunan dari catur itu haram bisa di jadikan rujukan bahwa game juga bisa di sebut harap ketika aktivitas ini melalaikan anda dalam banyak hal dan membuat anda menjauh dari nilai-nilai islami yang di anggap benar.

    1. iya mas, pada dasarnya yg menjadikan hal itu mendekati 'haram' karena cenderung membuat lalai dan aktivitas itu dilakukan berlebihan. yg semacam ini sudah tidak sesuai dgn ajaran.

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